Tips for living in harmony in a House Share London

Some useful tips on living in House Share London

Living in a House share has its advantages and shortcomings. Most importantly, you get a fair share of the good and not so good about the home. It is also a fantastic time to get introduced to new experiences in life. Here are tips to ensuring that you live in harmony in one of the House share London homes.

Everyone is equal

Everyone is treated equally by the lease. Therefore, each of you has an equal right in the household. It does not matter if one of you is paying for a large room. Nobody should be boss over the others at the house.

Paying rent

There must be an agreement on how the rent is paid to avoid inconveniencing everyone when one is late for rent. The best thing is to have the rent paid to a third-party account, which is looped to the landlord’s account.


Utility bills such as gas, water, and electricity should be split among the housemates. However, if there is anyone who is using an appliance that draws out more power such as the heating appliance or a room heater, he or she should be prepared to pay more for the energy bill.

Housemates in House share London should come up with ideas to conserve water and look for things like recycling to conserve most of the items at the house. In addition, you should also look for ways to conserve the environment.


This is one of the toughest issues to tackle when you are sharing a house. This is because:

  • Different people have different perceptions of what it means to be clean or not
  • There are different levels of mess tolerance
  • Most of the people do not know how to clean most of the items

Everybody should play a part in keeping the house clean and stay clean (by bathing)

  • All mess should be kept in your individual room
  • Clean up after messing around the communal areas
  • There should be a roster for cleaning frequently used areas such as the living room or the bathroom
  • You can pool funds and hire a cleaner after some time
  • Make cleaning fun, fast and easy when you are working together.


Discuss how you will manage food and cooking. Do not use the housemate’s food supplies without their permission. It may cause conflicts at home.

Conflict resolution

Devise a way to discuss the differences amongst yourselves. Each of the housemates should embrace peace and goodwill for harmony to prevail.

How to Buy Metal Furniture

If you are planning to get more from your patio or gazebo, metal furniture should definitely be part of the setting. The versatility of metal furniture means you can deploy it for different décor styles. If you want to go vintage, it will be good, it you want to go contemporary, and there are furniture items for that too. If you have robust kids, metal furniture will be able to handle the rough handling and knocks. Metal furniture will cost a bit more than wood but gives better value for money due its longevity. If you decide to shop for metal furniture items, this is how to do it.

Know your metal

  • Aluminum – This metal is light weight and makes attractive items. Aluminum can be cast or tubed. The biggest advantage is that aluminum is rust proof which makes it ideal for fixed outdoors furniture. This also means that it can be easily cleaned with water when necessary.
  • Iron – Furniture items made of iron are hardy and heavy. Wrought iron is especially used in making attractive pieces as it can be crafted into different patterns. Iron furniture items are also cheaper than aluminum or steel.
  • Steel – Furniture items made of steel have the double advantages of being as strong as iron but lighter in weight. Go for items made of galvanized steel which is rustproof

Know metal form and finishing

The way the items are crafted and finished makes different visual impact on the outdoor setting. Know how to differentiate metal form and finishing.

  • Wrought – curved patterns and slender decorative pieces can be made by wrought metal. This is where the metal is heated into a softer form then beaten into shape.
  • Casting – This method is used when making many items of the same shape. The metal is molten then poured into a mold to take shape.
  • Powder coat finishing – This kind of finishing involves spraying a fine coat of electrostatically charged liquid containing resin and pigment on the metal surface.

Know metal furniture styles

You will get metal furniture items of two kinds:

  • Metal only- These items are made from metal only. This kind of furniture is suitable for outdoors where there are high winds. It goes very well for the contemporary look.
  • Metal and other items – Wood and fabric are used together with metal, for example, a wooden seat on a metallic chair. This type of furniture is suitable for covered outdoor settings like a patio or gazebo. It goes well with the vintage look.

Your FAQs About End of Tenancy Cleaning Services Answered

Some of the most common questions on End of Tenancy Cleaning Service

Many people are reluctant to engage end of tenancy cleaning services out of ignorance on how cleaning services work and details like pricing and agreements. A good end of tenancy cleaning service can save you time and money. This is the point that many people miss when they hear of the prices quoted by cleaning services. If you are after a hefty tenancy deposit, engaging a cleaning service to do a professional job is the best guaranteed of getting the money back. These are some of the frequently asked questions about cleaning services.

Can end of tenancy cleaning be done while I am absent?

This is very much possible. The cleaning crew has a checklist to work with so they will require little direction. The cleaners need someone to let them into the house. This can be arranged if the cleaners have somewhere to pick up the key and drop it after they are done.  After the cleaning is done, the job has to be inspected, which you can arrange with the landlord.

Will i be billed by the hour, or for the whole job?

It is inadvisable to engage an end of tenancy cleaning service on an hourly basis. This is because it is usually a big job cleaning the whole house top to bottom. Many cleaning services will quote for the whole job. End of tenancy cleaning jobs usually take 3-6 hours for standard 2 or 3-bedroom houses.

Will I be charged for the cleaning equipment and material?

The total cost will usually cover the equipment, material and labour costs including taxes. It is good to ask about what goes into your invoice. One cost that is usually left out is the parking fees. Many cleaning services will ask you to cover it.

How much deposit will be required?

Many cleaning services have done away with the deposit to attract customers. However, a deposit could be required for a big job in which the end of tenancy cleaning service invests more time and labour. The deposit required rarely goes beyond 10%.

What tasks are not done by and end of tenancy cleaning service?

Many End of Tenancy Cleaning Services will leave out washing the outside of the windows and cleaning the walls. Cleaning services will not handle any repairs or replacements either. Different cleaning services have different policies when it comes to carpet cleaning and the upholstery. Usually, a cleaning service will have an off-limits list which shows the tasks they cannot handle.

Is kitchen cleaning involved?

Cleaning the oven, fridge and other appliances in the kitchen is included in end of tenancy cleaning.

Is Your Outdoors Metal Furniture Weatherproof?

Metal furniture especially the vintage kind is just the right kind for placing outdoors. Wrought iron designs are beautiful but come with the huge disadvantage of being susceptible to rust. But there are ways of weatherproofing this furniture so that it keeps its beautiful looks under exposure to harsh sunshine and moisture. How can you do this?


Have you noticed how a chipped spot quickly rusts? Chipped paint on surfaces that are not usually visible can quickly damage your metal furniture as it corrodes away. Applying a new coat of paint on the spot will prevent further damage. Just don’t apply the paint without preparing the surface. You will need to sand the surface smoothly for the new coat to merge properly with the paint already on place. Sanding removes remnants of the old paint and any rust that has accumulated so that the new coat adheres fast and properly.

Proper storage

Your furniture could be unused depending on weather conditions. If you are in a region that experiences harsh winters or if you are in a place that gets a heavy monsoon rainfall, it is hardly possible that you have any use for outdoors furniture during this type of weather. The best thing is to store the furniture indoors like in a garage shed. If you don’t have a garage shed, cover the furniture with a waterproof burlap or canvas. Plastic sheeting also works very well in keeping off moisture and harsh sunlight.

Rubberized furniture

A rubber coating on metal is very useful. It serves the dual purpose of keeping off moisture and hence rusts, and also serves as a safety feature. This is especially for furniture with pointed parts for example a chair’s metallic arm which can graze and bruise.

Rust proof metal

While iron is cheap, it is prone to rusting and corroding away. Other metals like aluminum are more expensive but do not rust. Aluminum has the added advantage of being light so if you move your furniture around a lot, it would be worth considering. Steel contains iron but is made rustproof by alloying with tin or zinc. Galvanized steel is made with a rust proof coating.

Note that metallic furniture made from other metals other than iron is also at risk of damage from harsh weather. This is more so if the furniture has wooden parts for example chairs with wooden seats or wooden table tops.  The best guarantee against damage is storage when it is not in use.

3 Steps to Get Cheap End of Tenancy Cleaning Services

If you are moving out of your present house, the last thing you need is to spend more than you can afford on end of tenancy cleaning. You could opt to do the cleaning yourself but that has several pitfalls. You don’t have the resources for a thorough top to bottom cleaning job. It is likely that you will not do it to the landlord’s expectations which would then lead to a dispute. The best thing is to hire an end of tenancy cleaning service. It is possible to get affordable end of tenancy cleaning prices. Here are some ways you can do it.

Asking for referrals

There are many sources of good referrals and recommendations.  If a friend or colleague at work has recently moved houses, she can tell you of the cleaning service that she used. Other sources of good info on cleaning services are realtors. They use these services regularly when preparing different units for occupation.

Your Facebook and Whatsapp groups are also good forums to ask for good leads. You will be spoilt for choice from the hundreds of offers you get. There are also numerous websites reviewing cleaning services where you can get good recommendations.

Assess the price quotes

After getting 3-5 good recommendations, ask for price quotes.  Do not ask for price quotes over the phone. It is advisable to walk to the cleaning service offices and have a face to face interview with the management or sales rep.  This is advantageous in several ways:

  • You can assess the capability of the cleaning service. Do they have enough manpower, tools and equipment?
  • You will assess how the cleaning crews are treated. If the treatment is shoddy, customer service is likely to be shoddy as well.
  • You can haggle face to face

You could ask the sales rep to come and do a site assessment to make an accurate price quote. This is better than doing it over the phone as cleaning services will typically quote high to avoid getting burnt on the job.

Assess the price quotes not on the price alone but looking at several other factors. What extras are being offered? Will the cleaning service work on the grounds too? What are the off-limit definitions for the cleaning crew?  Pick on the best whole package. Even after getting the best quote, haggle for a further discount.

Offer to be on the job

If you offer to be on the job, you can reduce the wages of that extra cleaner.  The cleaning service will be glad to have you help for less charges. And remember you can find cheap end of tenancy cleaning prices by comparing different companies.

A Guide to Picking the Best Metal Furniture

If you are looking to do a home improvement project, metal furniture should be one of the items on the list. This is because metal furniture is very versatile and can be fitted to different décor styles; vintage, contemporary or minimalist. You can also easily deploy multi-purpose metal furniture that will be useful both indoors and outdoors. Buying metal furniture is relatively straightforward if you know what kind of metal you want. If you are new to metal furniture, you could use a few tips on how to go about it.

Types of metal furniture

  • Aluminum – This type of metal is preferred for its light weight. Furniture items can be crafted from tubing or casting. Aluminum is rust proof making it ideal for the outdoors. It is also easy to clean as this can be done by scrubbing with water without the risk of rusting.
  • Iron – This metal is hard and heavy. It is mainly used for decorative pieces particularly using wrought iron which has been a favorite with metal smiths for a long time. Its main shortcoming is that it rusts.
  • Steel – This metal which is made of iron as an alloy has the advantage of being lighter and more flexible than pure iron. When looking for steel furniture, go for galvanized steel or stainless steel which does not rust.

Types of form and finishing

Different craftsmen have different ways of working the metal and decorating the final product.

  • Wrought – This is where the metal is heated into a pliable form then hammered into shape. This method is ideal for making slender decorative pieces and curved patterns.
  • Casting – This method involves melting the metal and pouring it onto a mold where it sets into the wanted shape. This method is used when making numerous pieces of the same form and size.
  • Powder coat finishing – This is a type of finishing where rather a coat of electrostatically charged liquid containing resin and pigment is sprayed on the metal surface. This makes it adhere better than common paint. It is also scratchproof.

Choosing the style

There are basically two ways to style with metal furniture:

  • Metal only- This is where you set only metal items. This is ideal where the furniture is subject to rough handling and heavy winds if it is to be placed outdoors. This look is sleeker and more angular more suited to the contemporary styles.
  • Metal and other items – In this style, you mix the metal furniture items with other material like wood or fabric. For example a dining set having metal chairs and a solid oak table is vintage style. This styling is appropriate indoors.

There are many other considerations to make when buying metal furniture but with these basics, you are bound to get it correct.

How to Buy Beautiful Curtains That Match

Curtains can make a big difference in a room in setting the tone and mood.  Mismatched curtains no matter how beautiful they look make a room look awkward.   Most interior decorators will say that the curtains are perhaps the biggest attractions on a room’s walls as the eyes will always be drawn to the source of light. Choosing the rights curtains will revolve around getting the color, length, and fabric right.


There are two ways to hang curtains. The traditional look is where the curtains puddle on the floor, and the modern look is where the curtains are flush with the floor.   In both ways, the hanging panels for the top edges should be six inches above the window frame. For the traditional look add 2-5 inches to the measured length including the six inches of the hanging panels.

The width should be such that when the windows are open, the curtains do not cover much of the window panes. You should measure four to eight inches to both sides of the window to make this allowance.


Curtain fabric should be such that it should be folded crisply and fall well to the floor. When buying at the fabric shop, you should work with a big sample at least 1.5 meters long. You should hold it up while pleating it like an accordion.  You should then let the curtain drape to the floor. The fabric should fall well to the floor without flaring.

The best fabrics for curtains include velvet, linen, silk, and faux silk. If you would like the room to retain some warmth, go for heavy fabrics like velvet, tweed or tapestry. You can also opt to have a lining on the underside of the fabric.


The fabric’s color should match that of the room’s walls. Interior décor experts recommend neutral colors. They blend well with other colors in the room. Bright colors will fade fast in a window that sees a lot of sunshine while too dark colors would make the room’s mood too somber.

Custom made vs. off-shelf

This is an issue many people grapple with. Custom made curtains allow for taste and preferences. Everything can be customized including dimensions, fabric, color, header style, lining etc. The limitations with customization are in the budget and the skill of the tailor. Customization is a bit expensive depending on the level of customization needed. It also takes time. The design could also come out funny if the skill of the tailor is not up to task.

Off-shelf curtains have the advantage of being quick to install and cheap. Their main limitation is that the buyer has to work with whatever is available.