About Us

The Wrought Iron Curtain is a fledgling mother and son partnership that has leaped with the greatest faith and confidence into an exciting and challenging e-retail market. Our excitement and passion for our products is justified as you no doubt will agree.

My passion for wrought iron was sparked several years ago when vacationing in Mexico. I fell in love with Mexico and the charm and style of their decorative wrought iron. I began using decorative wrought iron pieces in my own home and exterior living spaces and was often asked by others where they could get similar pieces. Due to the durability, versatility and timelessness of these distinctive pieces, they still, after all these years are functional and pleasing to me and my guests in my outdoor and indoor living spaces.

A single piece can add character, whimsy, or whatever statement you choose to make in your own space. Wrought iron is no longer just the look of Mexico but can evoke thoughts of any foreign locale. It can make a bold contemporary statement, convey the delicacy of a Victorian era, bring to mind the French or Italian countryside, or dramatically make your own individual eclectic statement.

We have been diligent and dedicated in our efforts to personally select for you from our suppliers the highest quality iron and metal pieces. We have been ever mindful of superior quality, excellent value and outstanding customer service.

While one of my great passions is for wrought iron, my partner and son’s passion fortunately is for computers, web design and development, search engine optimization and any thing related to the success of our internet venture. Simply perfect!  (Here are my technical certifications, but no web design ~ I’m learning! 🙂 –

We have tried to design this site with you in mind. We respect your time and therefore have created a site that is hopefully quick, efficient and functional. There are few bells and whistles should you choose to make your visit here quick viewing and shopping. However, if you are looking for some design inspiration for your outdoor space, we have numerous articles loaded with ideas to help you create your vision.

While our company may just be starting to soar, we know that a solid foundation of customer trust and satisfaction coupled with quality products and good value is the basis for our success. We are committed to this foundation of success. You will see changes here while we develop, expand and grow into what we strive to be. We hope you are part of our exciting journey and come back often to witness our evolution.
Thank you.