How to Buy Metal Furniture

If you are planning to get more from your patio or gazebo, metal furniture should definitely be part of the setting. The versatility of metal furniture means you can deploy it for different décor styles. If you want to go vintage, it will be good, it you want to go contemporary, and there are furniture items for that too. If you have robust kids, metal furniture will be able to handle the rough handling and knocks. Metal furniture will cost a bit more than wood but gives better value for money due its longevity. If you decide to shop for metal furniture items, this is how to do it.

Know your metal

  • Aluminum – This metal is light weight and makes attractive items. Aluminum can be cast or tubed. The biggest advantage is that aluminum is rust proof which makes it ideal for fixed outdoors furniture. This also means that it can be easily cleaned with water when necessary.
  • Iron – Furniture items made of iron are hardy and heavy. Wrought iron is especially used in making attractive pieces as it can be crafted into different patterns. Iron furniture items are also cheaper than aluminum or steel.
  • Steel – Furniture items made of steel have the double advantages of being as strong as iron but lighter in weight. Go for items made of galvanized steel which is rustproof

Know metal form and finishing

The way the items are crafted and finished makes different visual impact on the outdoor setting. Know how to differentiate metal form and finishing.

  • Wrought – curved patterns and slender decorative pieces can be made by wrought metal. This is where the metal is heated into a softer form then beaten into shape.
  • Casting – This method is used when making many items of the same shape. The metal is molten then poured into a mold to take shape.
  • Powder coat finishing – This kind of finishing involves spraying a fine coat of electrostatically charged liquid containing resin and pigment on the metal surface.

Know metal furniture styles

You will get metal furniture items of two kinds:

  • Metal only- These items are made from metal only. This kind of furniture is suitable for outdoors where there are high winds. It goes very well for the contemporary look.
  • Metal and other items – Wood and fabric are used together with metal, for example, a wooden seat on a metallic chair. This type of furniture is suitable for covered outdoor settings like a patio or gazebo. It goes well with the vintage look.