Is Your Outdoors Metal Furniture Weatherproof?

Metal furniture especially the vintage kind is just the right kind for placing outdoors. Wrought iron designs are beautiful but come with the huge disadvantage of being susceptible to rust. But there are ways of weatherproofing this furniture so that it keeps its beautiful looks under exposure to harsh sunshine and moisture. How can you do this?


Have you noticed how a chipped spot quickly rusts? Chipped paint on surfaces that are not usually visible can quickly damage your metal furniture as it corrodes away. Applying a new coat of paint on the spot will prevent further damage. Just don’t apply the paint without preparing the surface. You will need to sand the surface smoothly for the new coat to merge properly with the paint already on place. Sanding removes remnants of the old paint and any rust that has accumulated so that the new coat adheres fast and properly.

Proper storage

Your furniture could be unused depending on weather conditions. If you are in a region that experiences harsh winters or if you are in a place that gets a heavy monsoon rainfall, it is hardly possible that you have any use for outdoors furniture during this type of weather. The best thing is to store the furniture indoors like in a garage shed. If you don’t have a garage shed, cover the furniture with a waterproof burlap or canvas. Plastic sheeting also works very well in keeping off moisture and harsh sunlight.

Rubberized furniture

A rubber coating on metal is very useful. It serves the dual purpose of keeping off moisture and hence rusts, and also serves as a safety feature. This is especially for furniture with pointed parts for example a chair’s metallic arm which can graze and bruise.

Rust proof metal

While iron is cheap, it is prone to rusting and corroding away. Other metals like aluminum are more expensive but do not rust. Aluminum has the added advantage of being light so if you move your furniture around a lot, it would be worth considering. Steel contains iron but is made rustproof by alloying with tin or zinc. Galvanized steel is made with a rust proof coating.

Note that metallic furniture made from other metals other than iron is also at risk of damage from harsh weather. This is more so if the furniture has wooden parts for example chairs with wooden seats or wooden table tops.  The best guarantee against damage is storage when it is not in use.