Your FAQs About End of Tenancy Cleaning Services Answered

Some of the most common questions on End of Tenancy Cleaning Service

Many people are reluctant to engage end of tenancy cleaning services out of ignorance on how cleaning services work and details like pricing and agreements. A good end of tenancy cleaning service can save you time and money. This is the point that many people miss when they hear of the prices quoted by cleaning services. If you are after a hefty tenancy deposit, engaging a cleaning service to do a professional job is the best guaranteed of getting the money back. These are some of the frequently asked questions about cleaning services.

Can end of tenancy cleaning be done while I am absent?

This is very much possible. The cleaning crew has a checklist to work with so they will require little direction. The cleaners need someone to let them into the house. This can be arranged if the cleaners have somewhere to pick up the key and drop it after they are done.  After the cleaning is done, the job has to be inspected, which you can arrange with the landlord.

Will i be billed by the hour, or for the whole job?

It is inadvisable to engage an end of tenancy cleaning service on an hourly basis. This is because it is usually a big job cleaning the whole house top to bottom. Many cleaning services will quote for the whole job. End of tenancy cleaning jobs usually take 3-6 hours for standard 2 or 3-bedroom houses.

Will I be charged for the cleaning equipment and material?

The total cost will usually cover the equipment, material and labour costs including taxes. It is good to ask about what goes into your invoice. One cost that is usually left out is the parking fees. Many cleaning services will ask you to cover it.

How much deposit will be required?

Many cleaning services have done away with the deposit to attract customers. However, a deposit could be required for a big job in which the end of tenancy cleaning service invests more time and labour. The deposit required rarely goes beyond 10%.

What tasks are not done by and end of tenancy cleaning service?

Many End of Tenancy Cleaning Services will leave out washing the outside of the windows and cleaning the walls. Cleaning services will not handle any repairs or replacements either. Different cleaning services have different policies when it comes to carpet cleaning and the upholstery. Usually, a cleaning service will have an off-limits list which shows the tasks they cannot handle.

Is kitchen cleaning involved?

Cleaning the oven, fridge and other appliances in the kitchen is included in end of tenancy cleaning.