Tips for living in harmony in a House Share London

Some useful tips on living in House Share London

Living in a House share has its advantages and shortcomings. Most importantly, you get a fair share of the good and not so good about the home. It is also a fantastic time to get introduced to new experiences in life. Here are tips to ensuring that you live in harmony in one of the House share London homes.

Everyone is equal

Everyone is treated equally by the lease. Therefore, each of you has an equal right in the household. It does not matter if one of you is paying for a large room. Nobody should be boss over the others at the house.

Paying rent

There must be an agreement on how the rent is paid to avoid inconveniencing everyone when one is late for rent. The best thing is to have the rent paid to a third-party account, which is looped to the landlord’s account.


Utility bills such as gas, water, and electricity should be split among the housemates. However, if there is anyone who is using an appliance that draws out more power such as the heating appliance or a room heater, he or she should be prepared to pay more for the energy bill.

Housemates in House share London should come up with ideas to conserve water and look for things like recycling to conserve most of the items at the house. In addition, you should also look for ways to conserve the environment.


This is one of the toughest issues to tackle when you are sharing a house. This is because:

  • Different people have different perceptions of what it means to be clean or not
  • There are different levels of mess tolerance
  • Most of the people do not know how to clean most of the items

Everybody should play a part in keeping the house clean and stay clean (by bathing)

  • All mess should be kept in your individual room
  • Clean up after messing around the communal areas
  • There should be a roster for cleaning frequently used areas such as the living room or the bathroom
  • You can pool funds and hire a cleaner after some time
  • Make cleaning fun, fast and easy when you are working together.


Discuss how you will manage food and cooking. Do not use the housemate’s food supplies without their permission. It may cause conflicts at home.

Conflict resolution

Devise a way to discuss the differences amongst yourselves. Each of the housemates should embrace peace and goodwill for harmony to prevail.